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What is Jagertech?

Jagertech is a small company specializing in developing useful Android apps for the general public.  As new apps are developed, they will be distributed through the Google Play store and at other Android stores.  This site exists to give users a place to find out more about the apps and to serve as an app download site.  

Custom Android Apps

If you are interested in the development of an Android app for your business or have ideas for useful apps for the greater public, please contact Jagertech with your ideas and inquiries.  

Come back from time to time

Android apps will be developed and published on the app stores and on this site as they become available for use.  We hope that some of our products may be useful to you.  Please come by this site again to see what new tools have been created.

Contact Jagertech

Please contact us with questions about our products, or to find out more about how Jagertech can help you with your desired Android apps.